Atelier Lemontrend is a creative agency based in Vienna Austria. We design stunning and responsive websites, with great themes to fit your business. We understand how important is to have a mobile responsive Website, with a fresh and stylish design.

Atelier Lemontrend focused on small, medium companies or individuals who want to have a digital presence. We will clarify and promote your brand, helping you to understand who you are and what you offer, connecting your customers directly with your company.

In our agency, we specialized, in creating the right content and storytelling for your company, with amazing photos and creative ideas. The result, the more sites your brand is on, the more eyes will see it.

Our websites are SEO Optimize; we research the right keywords that define your business, by creating descriptive categories and pages for Search Engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing) to crawl and index your content.

In our Agency, all our services are tailored and individual design for our customer’s needs, we know every business is different and we invest time in understanding your business and who are your customers.

What makes us different?

What makes us different than other Web designers is our knowledge and background in marketing. As an expert in digital marketing, we want to help brands with their online marketing and content creation.

We develop a content strategy, for your business, as a result, you will have tailored content for your social media channels and corporate blog.

Our mission is to help small businesses and brands improve their visibility, helping them not to be afraid of digitalization, and guide them through this process.


Why Atelier Lemontrend?

For us is important to understand the needs of our customers. As a marketing agency, we focus not just on Web design but also on Online Marketing and logo design. Our Agency wants to give our clients a full-service solution for their businesses. We want to make a difference, consequently, we founded our company in 2018. Our goal: to provide professional and goal-oriented web design, logo design and social media services.

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