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Nowadays, is important to have the right Web Design team to represent your business. As a business owner, it is important to understand how your clients can reach you. A strategical website and online accessible solution provide great benefits, and we are here to support you with your online business.

After all, your website should not only look good and be stylish but also bring customers and contacts and generate sales. Especially for young entrepreneurs, new founders, SMEs and one-person companies Atelier Lemontrend specialize in web design, marketing and graphics services for small and medium businesses. Young entrepreneurs and new founders and consultants.

We know the special requirements and needs of young entrepreneurs and Atelier Lemontrend offer comprehensive advice and support for the perfect Website for your business.

Our Web Design is clean and stylish, easy to manage with the WordPress platform. Specially created with features using the Content Management system for easy website updating and management. Our websites are Google Mobile-Friendly, and SEO Optimize, we will describe your page’s content, with the right Keyword research and Optimization for each page.



Comprehensive advice and support for the perfect Website for your business.


Website Content

Let us focus on your content. We will write the perfect SEO content for your website. Content that is rich and you can trust

Website Management

We carefully manage and take care of your website. We update your content, your design and more important keep your website secure



We Care About

Exclusive Design

At Atelier Lemontrend, it is important, to understand the requirements of our customers, that we cannot just design the perfect website but also to come along with our clients and explain to them in detail how their website works.

We will provide you with the necessary support; through the design and through the maintenance of your website. We want to help you grow your business and make this experience pleasant.


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Idea

What is the

process of



1.-The process starts after you book directly your Free 30 min Consultation or by filling out the contact form. You will receive an email within 1-2 business days, where we schedule a call to understand your needs. 

2.- In our initial call, we will ask you a series of questions to understand which functionalities and requirements you will need on your website

3.- After we understand your needs, we are going to send you a proposal. This proposal will include all the services and features for your website, as well as a quote for your project.

4.- You will receive a Website questionnaire, to understand your vision, with examples of colors, fonts, and visual elements.

5.- You will receive a mock-up of your website, with the colors, fonts and visual elements previously discussed on the questionnaire.

6.- After the mock-up is approved, we are going to start with the design of your website

website design infographic
Web Design Services Atelier Lemontrend

Content Management system

Which Content management System do we use?

We use WordPress as the platform to build your website, in this way you can keep your content updated by yourself, or we can do it for you, in this way you will save money and will be independent.

The requirements of CMS are easy to understand, and we will explain to you in detail all the functions, in this case, you can manage your content by yourself.


search engine optimisation

Is SEO that important?

Nowadays it is important to have the right description of your products and your services. At Atelier Lemontrend, we take this step seriously, and we will build your website with the highest standards of SEO. You want your website not just to be stylish but also to be found online.

Furthermore, you will receive all the necessary information from us, which factors are important in filling the content of your website in order to achieve an optimal search engine ranking.


Responsive Design

responsive website

Is Responsive Web Design  necessary?

In 2017 75% of Internet users worldwide were on mobile devices, it is important to us that your website looks perfect on any device and that your website is mobile-friendly.

Essentially a responsive design is how your website will automatically resize its content to match the screen size in which a user is open your website.

Our designs are responsive, which means that your website will respond to the size of the output device. The page is thus, more usable for smartphones and tablet computers improving the user experience, which is crucial for your business.



SSL Certificate Responsive design

ssl certificate

Does my Website need an SSL Certificate?

For Atelier Lemontrend, is important to design a secure website, and we do it by setting up an SSL Certificate.

A commercial website is very interesting for a hacker, and SSL will protect your information by encrypting the data between two servers. Sites that implement the SSL Certificate protocol display a lock icon in the address bar.

SSL certificate will provide secure transactions to your clients, especially if you sell products and services online. The SSL Icon will be reassured to your clients that their financial information is secure.


SSL Certificate Responsive design

website management

What happens after my website is ready?

For us, is important to give all the necessary support to our customers. We will manage your website and keep it updated. You don’t have to manage all, concentrate on your business and we will do the rest.

  • Content Updates (Text/Images)

  • Content Creation (Text/Images/Videos)

  • SEO Maintenance

  • Graphic Design

  • Monthly Software Updates

  • Monthly Backup

  • Email Marketing

Let's start designing your new Website


Simon Zaidman

Atelier Lemontrend designed the web and logo for my new business, an online relocation company for people moving to Madrid. As in every new project, many challenges arose and all of them were efficiently solved by Sally and Chris. Resulting in an SEO friendly web, easy to manage, update and maintain.


We believe in providing a wide range of services to improve your business. Find a service that best fits your needs, give us a go and never look back!

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