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Canva Instagram Template Rose


Rose Canva Instagram Template. The perfect template for women who wants a feminine touch in their Instagram Feed and Stories

This is the perfect Canva Instagram template to display your products or services on your Instagram Feed. The idea of this instagram template is to enhance your products through texture and earth and neutral colors. This instagram template is ideal to plan weeks of amazing content for your Instagram or Facebook fan page

What’s Included

10 Instagram feed templates 1080px by 1080px. Made with and for Canva.

10 Instagram Instastories templates 1080px by 1920px. Made with and for Canva.

These templates are ONLY for Canva – after purchase you will receive a PDF with instructions.


Why is Rose Canva Instagram Template Perfect for you?

This Canva Instagram template is perfect for digital creators, bloggers busy entrepreneurs, content creators, and influencers who want to create weeks’ worth of Instagram content in advance. Not to mention, you can also use the square templates on your Facebook fan page!

This template is designed to save you a lot of time because it is created with texture and earth color to enhance your content. All of your images will fit perfectly with this background and texture, and they will still have a feminine touch in each one of your Instagram posts.

If you don’t have an account in canva, or have never work with canva before, you can open one for free here, and you will see how easy it is to adapt and change the image for your content.

With this template, you will be able to have a cohesive Instagram feed and a cohesive Instagram Stories, to inspire your followers with your content.

With Rose template, you will save you a lot of time, because it required a minimal adaptation. Get your content out there today and start planning the next amazing photoshoot of your feed and stories and engage with your community!


How it works:


After you purchase your Canva Instagram Template you will receive an email with the download link.


Open the PDF guide, which will give you access to the 10 Instagram feed templates and the 10 Instagram stories


After you click the link, a window will open on canva with a copy of your template, save the template on your library and you are ready to go!

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