Anti Spam Protection

This is a powerful anti-spam plugin, that sends an action parameter every time a website visitor writes a comment, register or write you through the contact form.

This plugin analyze the parameters, and if the comment or registration is spam, this plugin will block this comment or registration.

Benefits of CleanTalk as an Anti Spam solution:

This is a very powerful tool for your website, not only it will block the comment or registration but also eliminates the need for Captcha, questions, and answer or another protection method. This tool is invisible for visitors but still simple and convenient for administrators. Not to mention, that provides a report about the work is done.



  • Imperceptible spam protection
  • Reliability
  • Statistics
  • All-in-One comments, registration, feedback, contacts, orders and other
  • Simple to use
  • Tech support 24/7
  • Real-time spam protection
  • No captcha – Invisible spam protection
  • Сheck the website for existing spam
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