What is a Corporate Blog and why you should start one

A corporate blog is a blog operated by a corporation by one or more of its employees. Its basic functionality isn’t that different from “normal” blogs: The author for blogging creates content and publishes it, and users will usually have the choice to rate and discuss posts. However, the aim of a company blog is typically quite different. While privately active bloggers usually choose topics that interest them and with which they’re very familiar, a minimum of in most cases, a company blog functions as a marketing tool. Although corporate blogs are all similar during this respect, their chosen themes and goals are nevertheless very different. Even so, any content published by a corporation is typically intended to deal with a selected audience and encourage their interest within the company.

Corporate blogs were put into practice shortly after the primary private blogs. Especially within the US, they’re a well-liked tool for online marketing.


Why a Company should have a blog

The great advantage of a company blog is the personal contact between the company and the potential customers who are going to read the blog. Nevertheless, a corporate blog, can show the “human” side of the company, by including contributions from employees who may describe their working roles, for instance. Social commitment, sustainable management, and in-house training are other popular topics for corporate blogs, which also allow a way more direct link to the audience.

A corporation can use a company blog for marketing and communication with its customers. Not to mention, a company can share their expertise through blogging. Nevertheless, is a powerful tool, to show the potential clients/ readers how a product works, about the latest news of the company, and any important topic related to the company.

A corporate blog also offers considerable potential. as an example, it gives the corporate a dynamic internet presence, and because of the personalized communication, it’s easier to convince opinion-makers who will then spread the blog content and increase its impact repeatedly over. With high-quality content, it’s also possible for a corporation to determine itself as an authority during a certain area and thus become an opinion leader and improve brand awareness. A blog also can be a really helpful tool within the struggle to accumulate well-qualified employees. If members of the audience, engineering students, for instance, are linked to the corporate at an early stage via the blog, it then becomes easier to seek out employees later because the corporate will appear to be a beautiful employer because of the personalized contact already established.

No matter what sort a business you’ve got, or how small or large your business could be, having a blog for your business helps you stay in-tuned together with your customers.

A blog will draw your prospects closer because they will study your business and what you sell. Blogs help build customer loyalty, and that they also assist you to create a private relationship together with your customers.

Because you’re writing on to your customers and letting them have a conversation with you, while doing it in a way that markets your business, you can’t follow equivalent rules that apply to people that have personal blogs.

The point is once you own a business blog, you can’t play by the same rules as other bloggers do. You’ve got to be more careful about presenting your words in a way that leaves an honest impression with customers and potential clients which helps you employ your blog to plug your business.


Different variants of a blog a company could have

So far, we’ve used the phrase “corporate blog” – but this is often somewhat misleading because even as with other blogs, there’s no defined format or goal for company blogs. Although most companies have similar intentions with their internet blogs, the company blog still has quite a few variants. These include:


Service Blog:

With this type of blog, the corporate provides customers with additional information about its products. These are often, for instance, recipes from a manufacturer or tips for craftsmen from a building materials specialist.


Campaign Blog:

This blog usually operates for a hard and fast period and is meant to support certain advertising campaigns. Among other things, further information on the merchandise references to social commitment during its production, or the presentation of ultra-modern production methods would be some likely topics.


Topic Blog:

This variant is extremely broad and has only one limitation – the blog must be oriented towards a particular topic area. A themed blog is especially useful to determine the corporate as an expert during a certain area and thus influence the formation of opinion.


Customer Relationship Blog:

This blog is meant to create a community that identifies with the corporate to a particular extent and thus enjoys a special relationship with it. This can, for instance, be really helpful thanks to conducting online product evaluations.


Comparing corporate blogs with social media

Compared to Facebook and other social media sites, many companies find blogs to be rather awkward. However, a corporation blog does offer some advantages over Facebook and similar platforms. One of the foremost important factors that work in favor of the blog is that the control over its content. As operators of social media channels, outsiders like Facebook cannot influence the planning, range of topics, or the visibility of the contributions during a corporate blog. Here, the corporate alone decides which topics are presented, how customers are addressed and the way contributions are published. Not to mention that a blog will drive traffic to your website, and your website can be discovered in an organic way, rather than with google ads.

Furthermore, blog contributions have a really different quite credibility and relevance than articles on social media sites. What’s on Facebook today, many users will have forgotten tomorrow. With a blog, the intimate atmosphere and a reputation carefully built up over years ensure that a lot of readers automatically regard the content as more reliable and meaningful. This, of course, makes blogs both attractive and effective for marketing and PR purposes.



A corporate blog is a great effective online marketing tool for your business. However, it does require more effort than creating an appearance on a social media site, and it’ll also take longer to realize results. If operated properly, a company blogging has the potential to attach customers very closely to the corporate over an extended period of time. Additionally, through high-quality contributions, a company blog can help to determine a company’s role as an authoritative expert and influencer of opinion within its sector. Therefore, corporate blogs are particularly suitable for companies planning a long-term marketing strategy.


I have created an easy guide to help you in this process. That’s why I create this free Corporate Blog guide for you, to help you blogging for your company. What does this guide include?


  • Blog content essentials
  • Keywords research tools
  • Content writing template
  • Best online tools for content


But remember Content is king, and consistency is the key to success.

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Why Corporate Blog, is the most important tool for your business

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