How to Build an Online Business Service Step by Step Guide

I am going to show you with this simple guide, how you can build by yourself your online business services. Nowadays, we have seen the power of the internet and how many people we can reach through this wonderful tool.

Thanks to Facebook, for example, we found those old friends from school, and we enter in contact with them. We join our old school class, university class Facebook group and now we know what everybody is doing. Who is married, who have their own company, who have kids, who move to another place, etc.

Yes, the online world is wonderful, but, how can you profit from it?  Whereas, you have your own business, or you have an idea you want to develop, an online business services, to take your business online is always a great idea.

Think about all the people you can reach. Not just your old friends from school, who are all on Facebook, but also their friends and the friends of their friends.

Having a profitable online business services requires a lot of work, but more important you have to be consistent, with your services, with your message, with your voice. For example, let’s say you have your own store, where you sell a scarf, and now you are ready to take your business online. When you have an online business, you can reach millions of people, to offer your scarfs.

Another example is that you don’t offer physical good, but you are a therapist you could also offer online therapy. Although you could have your praxis at home or your office, you could also take patients online through zoom, skype, etc.

Online business services is a powerful tool you can take and develop. Nevertheless, you will need a solid marketing plan to develop and reach your target audience.


How do you start an online business?

1.- Which online business can I develop and who is my potential customer?

The first step is to define the product or service you want to take online. But remember, there is a lot of competition out there, so you have to think about what differentiates your products or services from those of your competitors. To answer that question, you have to answer yourself:

What makes your product or service unique? What makes you different?

It is also important to pick at least 3 competitors an analyze what they offer, how they offer, and for how much. After you make your research you can figure out that differential point you are looking for, what can you do better? what is? what makes you step out from your competitors?

Define your 3 potential customers, with a buyer persona diagram as well, like this you will have a clear idea for whom is your perfect product and your perfect service. You can download a free guide at the bottom of this article where I include a buyer persona diagram, so you can create your 3 ideal customers.


2.- Do I have to register my business for my online business?

The next step is to register your business, and have all the required legal paperwork according to your country. Nevertheless, you have to consider, production cost, taxes, shipping, and web hosting fees.


3.- Do I need a Domain Name?

Register your domain name. This is a very important step in your online business journey, and remember whatever you offer, that keyword that defines your product or service should be on your domain name. Make a list of keywords that defines your products and services, like this, you will be able to work on the content of your website later.


4.- Do I need a hosting provider?

Get your hosting provider. There are many hosting providers around the world. You can find all types of prices, but consider that if you are looking to run your online business for the long term, please choose a plan that offers all the services you will need in the future.


5.- What does my website need?

Now is time to create your amazing website. It sounds easy but it could be tricky. The most important part of your website is the content. Remember the list of keywords we talk in step 3? well now we need that list. The content is one of the most important steps to having a website. Many people believe a website is just to show their contact information and that’s it, but they are wrong. Think it in this way, when you are looking for something on google, how you do it? What do you write in the search field? That’s exactly what you should have in consideration, at the moment you are writing your content for each individual page.

Remember you will need at least 650 words per page. Why? Well because Google will like it. Remember Google will index your website when is online, and when google see your website and see how much information, and how rich your content is it will offer your website before your competitor, who uses his website as a business card. In this step content is king, and always think about how your potential client will search for you in the google search, which words is this potential client going to write to find your product or service.

Now that we have the amazing content, you just write to describe your business and describe your products and services, it’s time to design your amazing website. You can always do it by yourself because there are many videos on YouTube you can watch, not to mention you can buy a templates and just fill in your information. Either way, remember there is a lot of technical steps, behind your amazing website that you should consider, like SSL Certificate, robots txt, which page should be index, which not, a firewall, etc.

You can always find an expert who can make a website, that no just looks amazing, but that it has all the necessary technical steps behind it. My suggestion here is to hire a web design expert.


6.- Do I need Social Media Channels for my online business services?

Now that you are all set up with incredible content and a beautiful website, is the time to get out there. Open the social media channels, that make sense for your business.

In which platforms are your potential customers? Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter?

Remember in step one that we define the perfect Ideal customer with a buyer persona diagram? Well, that’s the kind of information we need now. Define exactly where are your customers, how old are they, which interest they have.


It is a loose of time, to open all the Social Media Networks, when your clients are not in TikTok for example, why? Because you will have to produce content for your social media, and this is time consuming, believe me. A good strategy is to concentrate on those specific social media channels where you can find your customers.

Now that you choose your social media channels, is time to create your profiles, in this step is very important to keep consistent and have the same name in all of them. After you open your social media channels, connect them with your website, and make sure those social media profiles have your link back to your website, and your website back to them.

Another important step is to have a Google my business profile, for that you will need a physical address, but believe me, this is very important, your potential clients will be able to find you easier.


7.- Do I need to have a Newsletter for my online Business?

Built your email list. This is one of the most important steps when you are building an online business. Having a newsletter, where you can inform your clients about new offers, changes, etc. is very important. Remember those emails belong to you and you only, and the next time you develop a new product or service, they are going to be the first to purchase that product or service.

There are many tools that you can choose for your newsletter, like Mailchimp, Sendingblue, convert kit. Either way, keep your customer’s information about your next step.



Having an online business will help you reach millions of people, and is not that difficult to do. With these simple 7 steps guide, you will have a clear idea of what is need for your online business.

As you can see, even if we have just 7 steps to build an online business services, every step requires a lot of thought and a lot of work, but with this simple guide, you will be able to have all the necessary steps to develop your online business services.

That’s why I create this free Online business guide for you, to help you in your online business journey. What does this guide include?

  • Online business checklist
  • Buyer Persona diagram to define your potential client
  • Anatomy of a website to help you design your website
  • Website structure map for you to create all the necessary pages for your website.

But remember Content is king, and consistency is the key to success.

Download your FREE Online Business Guide

Start today working on your Profitable Online Business with this step by step easy guide

7 Steps Guide on How to Build a Profitable Online Business

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